Molding Equipments

Ideal provides all type of complete molding lines for foundries. There are several molding processes depending on the foundry conditions, size and amount of castings aimed to be produced.
Green Sand Process
The green sand molding systems are traditional process for producing castings. This process can be realized by manual operation on the ground, semi-automatic by molding machines, and full automatic molding lines. It is mainly used for cast iron, ductile iron castings. It is suitable for middle and small size of mass production castings.
Bonded Sand Process
Bonded sand process consists of no-bake resin sand molding and shell molding systems. No-bake sand molding process is mainly used for big size castings with low production levels.
Unbonded Sand Process
Unbonded sand process consists of vacuum molding and lost foam molding process. The foundry can obtain very good surface quality for castings. Vacuum molding is more suitable for big size castings. Lost foam process is suitable for middle-small size and different type of castings production. One of the advantages for both process, the system doesn’t need to return sand, as it doesn’t have any binding material on it.
Ceramic Process
Ceramic process is called investment or precision casting. The molds are prepared by wax material and coated by ceramic and zirconia sand. The molten metal poured into ceramic coated molds. This process is mainly used for producing small size, high precision required steel casting parts.